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reviews that will occur may also change the project because in needs to be analyzed under the environmental review. any mitigation measures, alternatives proposed, will also be analyzed as to their environmental consequences. also, the project will undergo public review during other heightened bulk issues changing in this project. those considerations will come either before the planning commission or board of supervisors, after an environmental review. projects very often change as we go through these processes. that is number 1, what the term sheet is. also, to talk about where we are in the process. if the project changes
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substantially, sfwp may need to examine the term sheet. the port commission would have every opportunity to consider the use now, or proposed in the future, have action in front of it to make decisions. for example, terms could change to propose different land mixes, perhaps the intensity of the land use is changing. right now, this term sheet is only for the uses highlighted by the developer. any changes would require a port commission decision in the future. çççpossibly, if after seqa rç it mayççç require another. çççççççjustçççççç e will2come back to the port
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commission and ask for endorsement of the termççççn ç o ççç-;takeççç our termçd ofç supervisors forñrçç thei. ççççmçñrñyççççafter l iñrçu!ççççñrçñrççç. ççñrçççw3çñrçyççççça çççççperhaps asççç earl8 for approval of a termñrççç. lrçmççççççç>>ççç ans s?
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lot[ççóçççñrçççççlrçk about where you are going to build aç garageç ççñrmççs recommendedñrççç thatçççe condominiums go up. vçççççmççñrççççççç
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it happened as the opera her for the 4 colçthe contract stated specifically that certain amenities be there for the use of the tenants.
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i have lived here for 40 years. i do not know what would happen if you put a high rise apartment building in the period that my left specifically for the tenants, so that we could have a place to be in the open. [unintelligible] the contract i was talking about stated specifically that
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for 30 years, the gateway center would run the pools and tennis courts for recreation -- nonprofit. after that, and they could be leased out for profit, which they did for 30 years to the bay club. they run it now has a well operated city, at a profit. >> you are going to have to finish up your comment. >> ok. senator feinstein -- when this was being argued -- people never give up. this is some of the best property in town.
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senator feinstein and the chief of redevelopment -- when we were arguing these points several years ago -- >> thank you. i'm going to have to ask you -- >> it cannot be built on. >> think you very much. -- thank you very much. any other public comment on this item? commissioners, questions? i wouldççç just like to clare commission'svç position. the commissionç acknowledges there will be changes to the project and revisions to a ççproject are typical inv:çe public review process. we reiterate this term sheet is intended onlyçç toç setççe projects in keeping with port commission standard practices çfj÷çççççç the developme. we will revisit when the port commission considers the approvalç of the project following completion of the seqa
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review. ççççççç>> item 11, new b. çççñrç>> any new business? çç>>çvççzçç public commew business? çççñrçç>>çççñrçççça citizenç of san francisco. ççi am down here on the fourth prettyçñrç frequentlyç --ç pretty frequently. the number;hjtçççç bicycled people have increased, so itñrñç veryç dangerous to walkçç one promise not. bicycles go at all speeds. -- walk on theçç kçñrççpro. çi hadç a seriousçñrç(="tvai
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çççwas shocked that these pee were running their bicycle so fast past me. i cannot remember to look over my shoulder everyç time i moved when i am on the promenade. i have even tried to stay on 1 side, but theyç still follow y. they come around, they follow you. ñrm[çyou walk in theçç middlo çaround you. çñrççiç amçç traumatized. somethingç has to be done. ççççeither youç have to put on how fast they can goçç. ççyou also have people with
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çchildrenççç on bikes. they are not going to ride on the street. ççq( çpromenade? ñrçthat is why i am here. i spoke to the bicycle ççcoalition,çñr çpeople, theyççñr have this n mentality that they can do anything they want. çwhat we want. i said, that is why everyoneç s attackingç us in the world, weo what we want. you have to harmonize with everybody. if you live in 1 city, you have to have the attitude of survival for everybody. even if you are a mountain man, you have to civilize. ççi do not want to go into th.
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all i am trying to say is some order has to be brought. the police have abandoned the promenade. you have security current that can only observe and report, but they do not see every incident. have bicycles on the sidewalk. >> thank you. any other public comment? çç>> ok, if we are ready to adjourn, i would like to adjourn this meeting in memory of billç coblin. he will be missed in many, many ways. >> all those in favor? ççt(meeting adjourned.
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thank you.
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>> good morning, consuls generals and your constituency. the elected officials who may be here and other distiguished guets. sts. may i welcome you here to celebreate the national days of our wonderful countrymen, people from and people who are citizens of the consuls' generals, citizens of el salvador,
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nicaragua, and mexico. these flags will be outside your abode. this is a colorful and historical day. we are proud of our ethnic diversity. we're very proud of the history that we have with your country that goes back so many years and we are very happy that these will be in front of the city hall. this is the seat of government. my introduced the custodian of this building. you shone the dome well today. [laughter] and of the government. a mayor who is making history, gavin newsom. [applause] mayor newsom: thank you. thank each and every one of you for being here. it is an honor to have you
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here, and you have been here many times with the flag raising ceremonies. this is, in particular, very important and appropriate that we ask all of you to be here. we share so much in terms of the respective histories. i am reminded every time i go down the hallway, of this history. the mayors who are here before the city of san francisco. the city was founded over 200 years ago. that connection in mexico and the relationship with spain, all the challenges that are good and bad. this is more positive with an engaging future. this is something that is indelible in the minds of the people of san francisco. particularly those who served as custodians of this great city. she is right to say that what makes san francisco special and
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what makes the bay area special, and the state of california so remarkable is the ability to attract people from every conceivable walk of life, regardless of race or ethnicity or sexual orientation. this is a region and a state that prides itself on its diversity. i say this often because this deserves to be repeated often. we did not tolerate our diversity, we truly celebrate this. it is right to celebrate all of these differences. at the end of the day, those fundamental aspects of our lives are what we all show. what we are doing today is sharing the values of the region and the state. we pride ourselves in being the most diverse state in the most perverse democracy. we have seen this over every
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conceivable difference. the more that i go out, not just across the state but across the country and around the world, we have the privilege of visiting people for every conceivable walk of life. and i truly believe that people look to us to see that it is possible to live together through all of these differences. they know that there is something special and magical about this city and this region. and that is why we are here. that is why i am here. and i am grateful that you are here. i am grateful for the extraordinary contribution of the people from mexico and central america. i think that this is interesting and appropriate to notice that san francisco county has the distinction as it relates to the latino community that is unique among the 58 counties. we have more latino
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representatives. -- >> this is not the case with the other counties. we have these in el salvador and nicaragua, as well as mexico. not everybody understands this and we are celebrating this remarkable collection. the city of san francisco took the lead as the city of refuge after the civil wars in the 1980's. we established, firmly, the foundation that marks so much of what makes this city a special place. it is mocked by those who do not understand and who did not want to understand, and this is trivialized by political campaigns and this should not be
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diminished by sound bites and in political campaigns. we stand up to that. and we did not play into this. we do not believe in dividing people. we do not believe in diminishing others in the broader scope of the world. we are also celebrating that today. i am honored that you are here and i am grateful. i am happy that you took the time to celebrate with us. we have, in this spirit, a formal proclamation. you do not have enough wall space for the proclamations that you have received. but this is my honor to recognize, you have to share this today. garcia understands this because there are only 365 days a year. he must have given out 10 days
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every day. and i am trying to separate this. in the spirit of brown, let me give out heritage day, guatemalan heritage day, and mexican heritage day. and the crop one -- the crop was -- nicaraguan day. this is the day we celebrate our histories in this remarkable bicentennial. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you all for coming. we have more to celebreate this historical and colorful day. we thank you for all you do. have a wonderful celebration.
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>> did you have to hurry? [laughter] >> gentlemen. we are talking about el salvador. >> thank you very much. iwould like to thank gavin newsom and the mayor's office for inviting us here. the consul general would like to continue our very good relationship working together in the bay area. i'll have a couple of words for the community. [speaking spanish]
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[applause] >> i already -- i don't need to translate it. >> guatemala? [applause] >> first of all, i want to
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mention that i am not the ambassador, because he has been detained for the work that we do for the temporary protection status with the people of guatemala. i want to thank the city for this wonderful work that they have done for the immigrants, and we celebrate this 15th of september with our sister countries, and also with mexico. and again, we would like to thank the city of san francisco. thank you. [speaking spanish]
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>> mexico. >> thank you very much. we're very proud to be here today, on the celebration of the bicentennial. and the continuation of the mexican revolution. these are very important days for mexico and mexicans. and in northern california, this is a special meaning. we have contributed to build this great state. and i think that one more important element is an extremely complex relationship that makes it so happy, is the
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by cultural family that we support. for that reason, this is a special occasion for me to be here. and to celebrate with all the friends of mexico. we will continue working with the elected officials with a different representative because we believe that we are part of this the first community. and we can continue contributing with hard work, for the future and the next generation. and i held that the next 100 years -- we will be celebrating the same. thank you very much. [applause] >> we should have won with each consul general.
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we should have an individual picture. >> and where is the camera? >> you got here for the picture. [speaking spanish] >> thank you very much.
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>> ok. let's have everybody together. >> so quiet.
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[laughter] ♪ >> vivas. [applause] >> i work with the department of
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environment and we are recycling oil. thank you. we can go into a refinery and we can use it again. they do oil changes and sell it anyway, so now they know when a ticket to a. hal>> to you have something you want to get rid of? >> why throw it away when you can reuse it? >> it can be filtered out and used for other products. >> [speaking spanish] >> it is going

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